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We need happy kids, learning incredible things they want to learn. I’m doing little things about it. Electronics, programming, technology,maths… Education is not memorize, today have no sense. I want to motivate kids, so they can use their own skills. They are our future! Be part of the current education…

3D printing

I can design and print parts for your projects, needs, or presents!

Tech Engineering – IOT

I have large experience in monitoring. Now with “Internet of Things” there is a lot of things we can monitorize, analize, and actuate accordingly, in a easy way.

What about me?

I’m not sure what to say, will be better you decide that!

Hi! I’m Xavier!

I like to do many things. Interested in electronics, internet, communicacions, programming, design, 3D print, mechanics, STEAM education, renewables, ecology…. Very identified with current maker movement. Searching new projects and motivations.

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