Maker faire Barcelona

Today I assited to maker faire barcelona, as last year, and also joined scratch ed meet in same place!

Lots of cool projects and nice people!

From scratch fans meeting I have played with cozmo robot, really funny!! And also discovered overdrive from same company, just videos, buts seems also interesting, a mix between intelligent scalextric and videogame 😉 I have seen many microbits board, bit I already own some, so i was searching for new things, and i found it! we have tested another board, tokymaker, with screen, ultrasonic proximity sensor, 3 inputs, 3 outputs, some other sensors and ouputs in the starter kit box very easy to connect… I will see more in detail soon also.

After a bit of pizza, more things viewed in the faire. And i returned home wanting to buil r2b2 “robot”. (also called in spanish “er tubito”, build in Girona, inspired from an underwater mit robot, it’s done with chep materials, and controlled by wire, so no inteligence in it. Just some PVC tubes, 3 motors for propellers, isolated wires, a joystick and a pair of buttons, and also a power supply. Seems a very interesting project to do with kids ans test in any pool.

Regarding 3D printing, Mahor has improved a lot their Pelet Extruder from last year. Good prints with it and 3dseed printers. Happy yo see more recycle plastic projects on the go. Most close to me has been people from esferica project , similar to precious plastic cocept.

Probably tomorrow i repeat with my kids, so they can also play some things there.

Be happy!!